1. When will the Barcelona World E-Chess Open – Ciutat de Barcelona be held?

From November 27th to December 6th 2020.

  1. At what time?

All rounds start at 16:00 (GMT +1).

  1. Who can play?

The tournament is open to all players with a valid FIDE license and a chess.com account.

  1. Where will the tournament be played?

There will be different playing venues in cities around the world. All games will be played following the Catalonian time schedule (GMT +1), whatever time it is at each of the different venues. The main playing venue will be in Barcelona at the Federació Catalana d’Escacs, C/ Sant Adrià 20, Recinte de la Fabra i Coats.

  1. Is this a face-to-face tournament?

This is a semi face-to-face event. Players must bring their own playing device or tablet to play in the tournament (laptops are recommended). Any other electronic device that is not used for playing online is forbidden. The playing device must not send out any sound.

  1. On which platform is the tournament played?

On Chess.com (https://www.chess.com/)

  1. Can I play at any venue I prefer?

Yes, as long as you have a valid FIDE license.

  1. What is the time control?

The time control for the Swiss will be 60 minutes for each player with a 30 second                                         increment starting on the first move.

  1. What is the playing system?    

The tournament will be played with the FIDE Swiss System based on rating (Dutch system) over 9 rounds, assisted by a FIDE homologated computer program. There will be 2 groups of players (groups A and B). Under-2000 players can play in the main A group if they prefer and be eligible for prizes. The first eight qualifiers of each group will play a knock-out on December 6th to determine the final standings of each group.

More information: LINK

  1. How can I register?

To register for the tournament, you must fill out a form with the requested information. Each venue will have its own registration form, with the exception of the Catalonia venues. Go to the rules: LINK

  1. How can I pay the registration fee?

The registration fee for the tournament for players at the Barcelona or Girona venues, will be 50 € for each player. Under-16 players and seniors +65 and also disabled persons 33% or more will be 35 €.

Registration payments for the Barcelona venue (and for any other playing venues in Catalonia) must be done via bank transfer to the Caixabank account of the Catalonia Chess Federation: ES28 2100 0804 3002 0084 8216 indicating name and surnames of the Player, in addition to the chess.com username (nickname) and the playing venue.

  1. Will the tournament be FIDE rated?

The tournament won’t be FIDE Standard rated.

  1. What are the prizes?

There will be a total of 18.000 € in prizes for both groups, A and B, and for the rating sections established for each group.

More information: LINK TO RULES

  1. Who will pay these prizes?

Prizes will be paid by the FCE in the format described in the tournament rules.

  1. Do these prizes have any tax withholdings?

Cash prizes will be subject to the current legal Spanish IRPF Income Tax withholdings and will be paid by bank transfer to the bank account of the winner’s.

The current tax withholding for Spanish residents is 15% and for foreigners 24%.

Prizes will not be charged for any possible bank commission fees. They will only be charged with a commission fee in the event that the bank details given to the FCE are incorrect and a second bank transfer has to be made.

  1. What do I have to do to receive my prize?

First of all, you will have to send your bank details to the organizer of your own playing venue, who will then forward them to the FCE. Once the tournament is over, the FCE will send the winner’s a receipt with the amount of the prize, plus the Spanish withholding of personal income tax in accordance to current Spanish tax legislation. This document must be returned to the Catalan Chess Federation, signed with a digital signature or with the original signature (scanned signatures will not be valid).

  1. What bank details does the FCE need to pay me my prize?

The FCE needs the full bank account details of the winner: IBAN, full name… In the case of foreign bank accounts, the SWIFT number is required.

  1. What happens if I don’t receive the prize in my account?

Prize-winners who don’t receive their money by bank transfer must send an email to federacio@escacs.cat reclaiming the prize. If the information received by the FCE is incorrect, subsequent bank fees will be charged.

  1. Is there are a time limit to return the signed prize receipt?

Prizes can be cashed-in up to 3 months after the end of the tournament, i.e. March 6th, 2021. After this period of time, prizes will not be paid out if the receipt has not been received.

  1. If I have to access the venue with my playing device, can I bring other devices that are not used for the game?

Players must bring their own playing device to play in the tournament. Any other electronic device that is not used for playing online is forbidden. The playing device must not send out any sound.

  1. What will happen if during the game the local connection fails and the games can’t be resumed?

If an error or malfunction occurs during a round, FCE and Chess.com will take the necessary actions to restart the round or the affected games. If too many games are involved, the round may be restarted o even cancelled. Each playing venue will be responsible of ensuring good quality internet. If the Internet of a playing venue fails, it will be the responsibility of the venue. In no case will the games be postponed or repeated.

  1. Can I claim the point if my opponent loses connection to the game?

No. A player does not lose the game by disconnection, as his time continues to run. He only loses when his time runs out on the chess.com clock

  1. What can I do if there is a failure with the Internet connection at my venue?

The playing venue must get the connection back. You don’t lose if you leave Chess.com, but your clock keeps running.

  1. I have seen the rules at other playing venues and the registration fee is different. Is that possible?

Yes. Each venue has set the registration fee deemed appropriate, in the country’s currency, and in agreement with the FCE. Each venue will collect the registration fees and will pay the expenses generated by the organization of the tournament at its venue, i.e. referees, Internet connection, rent of material, etc…

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